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How easy is it to collabo with your favorite skater? Apparently as simple as ABC, ya dig.

Everybody who follows skateboarding, knows Krooked pro skater Sebo freakin' Walker. Style goat, steez king. Known for his creativity on a piece of wood with some trucks and wheels, it so happens that he doesn't restrict his artistry to that. He can create magic with a paint brush too, it seems.


Normally, Swamp approaches its collabo's by mailing the artist the exact vision of what is expected. In the case of Mr. Walker, we just told him what we liked about his art and I guess "do your own thing" was used multiple times in the description. Cuz in king Sebo we trust. All hail.

Mission executed so gat dayum perfect. I like the flashy colors. Oh mi gucci, I'm such a fan gurl.

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