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On the 2nd of November 2020, something great popped out of the womb as Swamp gave birth to its first-born. A beautiful baby. The gender? Unisex. 

As the concept is to "randomly release items throughout the year, exclusively in collabo with underground artists in somewhat every area", the first drop features an artwork from Quaalude Kid. Originally drawn by the Swamp CEO, it represents the act of shining light whenever it's dark, which alludes to literally any situation in life. France gave the Statue of Liberty to NYC as a symbol of freedom and well, Swamp gifts 10% of its profit to Tout Bien charity in order to support the mental health of young peeps. A pretty nice comparison, or nah?

Oh, but you're here to know more about how the name & slogan came together? Well, all mystery aside, the name simply derives from an Earl Sweatshirt song. A true idolo. In the tune, he raps about how depressed he feels even though he has all the money in the world, with a raw bang bang banger on the production. Something Swamp is going for as it wants to represent the raw streetwear culture while still taking care of the environment. All vegan approved clothing and giving to charity do the trick.

The lamp logo is to shine light on these hoes.. jk. Just to show people there's always something bright at the end of the tunnel #stopbeingcornydude. "COUNT UP THE DASHES" comes from the fact that there's a minus sign aka "dash" in between your birth & death on your tombstone. Why put something negative there? I ain't that good at math, but simply count up the dashes and make what happens during your lifetime a positive experience, as you will. Yessir.

A lotta bullshit, ain't it?

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